Restaurant Goldene Zeiten

Die Chinesische Küche

Dear Old and New Guests,
Food Lovers and Friends,
For more than 20 years our restaurant has had the
reputation of being the best Chinese restaurant in the
country and has been praised and appreciated by
gourmet critics and connoisseurs alike. Not only local
food critics and connoisseurs hold us in high esteem:
International guests from New York, London, Shanghai,
Moscow, Sydney and many other places frequently
confirm that we can count ourselves among the best
Asian Restaurants worldwide. In the future we will
continue to intoxicate the senses and offer you the
ultimate taste sensation – which will linger on in your
In our menu we have put together the most
outstanding typical dishes from the regions and
enhanced them in a creative way. Enjoy the best of
Chinese cooking accompanied by fine Austrian and
international wines.
Let “Goldene Zeiten” seduce and delight your palate.
Mingming & Jian Zhao